The Gift of Nothing Day is an occasion to spend quality time with loved ones, away from the typical hustle and bustle of the holidays.

December 30, 2018

Recognized annually on the first Saturday after Christmas, the day is inspired by Patrick McDonnell's bestselling children's book The Gift of Nothing. The book, which features characters from Patrick's beloved MUTTS comic strip, celebrates the true meaning of gift-giving. It's an expression of love.

In the story, Mooch the cat ponders what to give his friend, Earl the dog, for a very special occasion. Finally, he discovers the perfect gift — a box filled with nothing! Nothing, that is, except ...

his time and friendship.

How to Participate

1. Pick someone special.
2. Create a box filled with nothing just for them. Wrap it in craft paper, cover it in glitter, let your creativity run wild! Prefer to purchase a box instead? Click here to order The Gift of Nothing keepsake box.
3. Present the box on your favorite gift-giving holiday, and include in it a promise to spend time together on The Gift of Nothing Day (December 30, 2018).

On December 30, use the hashtag #TheGiftOfNothingDay to share your special moments with others around the world!

Ideas & Inspiration

You’d rather buy something for your loved ones?

Perfect weather and perfect company for a day at the park. They stopped frolicking JUST long enough ...

@Regranned from @muttscomics - Yesh, it's The Gift of Nothing Day! Tag #TheGiftOfNothingDay to show ...

Yesh, it's The Gift of Nothing Day! Tag #TheGiftOfNothingDay to show us how you and your loved ones ...

Early morning #art with my favorite girls. ❤️ Guess who drew which pics? #TheGiftOfNothingDay # ...

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Team MUTTS Thanks All Who Participated in the Gift of Nothing Day

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On December 30, 2017, MUTTS lovers around the world celebrated the first annual Gift of Nothing Day — a holiday inspired by "The Gift of Nothing" book and play.

Ideas for Teachers: How to Celebrate ‘The Gift of Nothing Day’ at School

November 21, 2017

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We’re Celebrating ‘The Gift of Nothing Day’ on December 30!

November 05, 2017

On December 30, 2017 (and annually on the first Saturday after Christmas), we're celebrating The Gift of Nothing Day — a day to spend time with loved ones who already have "everything" or want "nothing" for the holidays.

New Book Release: The Little Gift of Nothing

October 06, 2016

Patrick McDonnell has released The Little Gift of Nothing, a board book adaptation of the critically acclaimed children's story The Gift of Nothing.

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